How to update the firmware in TellStick and TellStick Duo using Windows XP

The service running must be stopped in order for the flasher utility to see the TellStick.
Open "Services". You find it under:
Start menu -> (Control panel) -> Administrative Tools -> Services

Find "TelldusService" in the list and press "Stop Service".

You can now run the flasher utility, TellStickFlasher.exe (, from the TelldusCenter installation directory.

Click TellStick and TellStick Duo.

Make sure the Telldus service is stopped and click OK.

Click on the device you would like to update.

The firmware is now uploading to the device.



Q: I have updated the firmware in TellStick Duo, but want to downgrade again. How do I do that?
A: Download an older firmware (, stop the service as described in the guide, drag-and-drop the .hex-file to TellStickFlasher.exe (located in your TelldusCenter installation folder), and follow the instructions.